Friday, June 5, 2009

Couture Launch Party

It's Friday!
Welcome to our fresh new blog.
I am excited to say you will enjoy keeping up with this team of wonder-ful people.

About Us:

Magazine founders Susan Alveshere and Janaéa Riddle are on the Fashion Group International Director Board (Regional), a global, not-for-profit industry alliance started by Edna Woolman Chase, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue and founding members Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Arden, and Margaret Case among others.

Alveshere also is an internationally acclaimed artist, designer and writer while Riddle formerly served as associate publisher for Today’s Seattle Woman Newspaper.

A talented group of writers including four time Emmy nominated Lori Ann Robinson from Los Angeles and well known fashion forecaster Sarah Davies (formally Fashion Director of Nordstrom). We also feature internationally acclaimed textile expect Patricia Nugent along with well known stylist and author Barbara Camp who brings in the wonderful culture from her years in Europe and the flavor of New York, where she now resides.

Managing Editor Sharon Altaras formerly covered business at award winning Washington CEO Magazine. We also have an excellent TEAM of individuals which include editor, journalists, business expects, graphic designers, photographers, makeup artists, and stylists that round out the beauty revolution TEAM. 

This Video is from a couple of months ago at the launch Party for the Beauty Revolution Magazine.

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