Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? We are. And the question is always asked,what should I pack for only a couple of days away? We like to pack simple, neutral, re-wearable, 'dress up or dress down' pieces. Here are some look-a-like pieces that will be going into our carry-on (by the way- try to skip checking luggage, say it gets lost, your only there for a couple of days).
Happy Thanksgiving from the BR team!
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On our little trip... we will be stopping by this amazing store. Check it out!
(Great Men and Women clothes)
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The Winter Fashion Drive is a show composed of all clothes donated to Seattle based high school kids of the YMCA which are in need of clothing for school, wintertime, etc. The producer, Brieanne Gonczy is and will be accepting donations up until the evening of the show. If you have any shoes, purses, belts, accessories, clothing, etc, which you are able to donate, please contact Brieanne: brieanneg2000@yahoo.com to schedule a time for pickup. A great event to attend!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


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Saturday, November 21, 2009


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Photos Taken by: Mike Adams Photography

Blogs were uniting, amalgamating, mixing, bonding, connecting, all of these terms could have been used to describe the frenzy of the converging bloggers during last nights Blog Event held in cozy Seattle, WA.

What a wonderful idea to bring together people with the same interests. Everyone had the desire to express their own unique ideas, and make those ideas come alive in the form of a blog. Not only did the event attract other bloggers, but the event was fortunate enough to welcome non-bloggers, photographers, social media, and last, but not least, the food vendors, such as Qdoba, which supplied a fantastic array of tasty tidbits, along with Mike’s Hard Lemonade, dry soda, and the ever tantalizing, tasty, Trophy cupcakes!

One of the big attractions of the evening that everyone looked forward to was the drawing for wonder gifts donated by Shopruche, Modcloth, SPUN, Hazel Salon, Moo Cards, & Value Village.

Lets thank the two wonderful bloggers, Clothes Horse & Needle+Thread for an amazing evening. We can’t wait until the next event.

Want more pictures: Click here

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Having a good weekend? We are playing a huge catch-up!

Fashion First 6th Annual Fashion Show—an event at the Heart of Fashion to benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation

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Middle: Joan Kelly & Wendy Wood

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Right: Lizzie Parker collection Left: Laura Cassidy w/ Seattle Metropolitan Magazine & Carly Holtzinger and Kristina Krug with Beauty Revolution Magazine

Fashion First was a night of “transformation”—a description used by Oslo’s men’s boutique owner John A. McDowell.

The large space of Quest Field Events Center became an exquisite venue for Seattle’s premier fashion event . Once the lights dimmed and the people began to arrive, Joan Kelly & Wendy Wood’s vision became reality.

The two fashion show producers made sure to give Seattle its fill of glitz and glamour. Cameras flashed, sequined fashions glimmered, $15,000 worth of Alvin Goldeare’s designer jewelry sparkled with grand attention, and wine glasses clinked in celebration of an incredible night.

Beautiful models shone down the runway featuring attire from La Ree, Clutch, Merge, Mercer, Tatters, Ragamoffyn’s, The Finerie, and designs by winners of Seamless in Seattle.

For even more excitement, Fashion First invited Seattle celebrities to model attire from Oslo’s men’s boutique. Politicians, TV reality stars, Radio talk show hosts, weathermen, and sports stars were transformed into models who gave their audience an impressive performance.

Fashion First was an incredible evening featuring Seattle’s finest. Not only was the Quest Field Event’s Center (Seattle,WA) transformed for an evening, but so too will lives be changed by the proceeds that benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

What more photos or have questions about the event? E-mail Kristina@beautyrevolutionmagazine.com

Written By: Carly Holtzinger
Deigned by: Kristina Krug
Photography: Mike Adam's Photography

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girl On Top

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Credit: Mike Adams Photography

Friday evening, Beauty Revolution headed down to the retail store, The Limited. Career expert and best selling author Nicole Williams has been on a roll, starting her book tour October 15, this fine women finally made it up to Seattle where we met up with Nicole and many other glossed lips and high heeled women. Oh the fun of getting the chance to get all dolled up and girl chat!

Nicole Williams is quite the women and quite the realist. She is funny but frank, sweet but firm, and gives you the honest truth. Nichole Williams book appeals to all women of all ages in all stages of life. Whether you want insight into being a successful business lady, or need to make a change in your life.

Pick up her new book, Girl on Top.

Want to see more pictures from the event? Click HERE

Saturday, November 7, 2009

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

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Credit: Captured: by Andria Lindquist

To view all pictures: GO HERE

Getting an insider look from behind the scenes at Thursday’s “Glitter Gala” event felt like being on fast forward. Getting the opportunity to start from behind the scenes. Robert Lenard Hair Salon invited us to see the preparation that went into preparing over 40 models for the event. For both parties, the models and the salon gave up their time to support a wonderful cause, the Glitter Gala event.

After getting the chance to meet and mingle with the wonderful people at the salon, we continued on to the event. The Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle, welcomed us through their golden doors to a glitz and glamour setting. With the lights on dim and many well-dressed folks holding their wine, the atmosphere felt as if you where in an old fashion film!

The theme of the fashion show was, ‘Fashion in Films’. The event planning, from concept to finished product took about a year to produce, and boy was it evident. Each piece was purchased from a goodwill store. It was great to see real people walking the runway, having a great time strutting their look-a-like character from a film. The Seattle art Institute was also a contributor to the event, the students had $75 from a goodwill store to create a garment; the winners were show cased at the end of the show. Surrounded by the runway, countless tables were served 5 star dishes.

Great Job Glitter Gala event! Beauty Revolution Magazine will be back next year!

If you are in Seattle area, the Glitter Event still has another event on November 14 & 15. Check it out here

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Again, what a wonderful salon Beauty Revolution was able to meet. If you are in the Seattle area they have an amazing holiday special! The package includes:

v Deep Cleansing Facial

v One Hour Massage

v Classic Pedicure

v Shampoo and Style

VALUED AT: $310.00

NOW: $235.00

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Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa
2033 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

206-441-8526, fax

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In the Neighborhood?

You can be in many different neighborhoods to attend this amazing event; New York City, Miami, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, Santa Clara, Seattle, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, Cherry Hill, Washington DC, and Toronto. On Friday, Beauty Revolution will be attending the Seattle event.
Nicole Williams author of Girl on Top, will be coming to The Limited. What's better than an event that you are able to shop and mingle at the same time- plus 40 % off of business attire! While chit chatting about her new released book, there will be runway shows, private sales, lots of cocktails and networking of course!

We, Beauty Revolution will be partnering with Girl on Top, so if you mention that your a reader of ours you will be able to receive VIP passes which include:

- Fabulous networking with all the Girls on Top in the area
- An amazing gift bag
- An exclusive 40% discount on The Limited's brand new business-chic attire
- Free-flowing Girl On Top Cocktails
- Career advice from
Nicole Williams

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Morning after a fun filled Halloween! Hope everyone can relax and have a cup of tea on this November 1st morning!
Inspired by origami pieces by Nathalia Ponomareva from Russia

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