Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Credit: Captured: by Andria Lindquist

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Getting an insider look from behind the scenes at Thursday’s “Glitter Gala” event felt like being on fast forward. Getting the opportunity to start from behind the scenes. Robert Lenard Hair Salon invited us to see the preparation that went into preparing over 40 models for the event. For both parties, the models and the salon gave up their time to support a wonderful cause, the Glitter Gala event.

After getting the chance to meet and mingle with the wonderful people at the salon, we continued on to the event. The Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle, welcomed us through their golden doors to a glitz and glamour setting. With the lights on dim and many well-dressed folks holding their wine, the atmosphere felt as if you where in an old fashion film!

The theme of the fashion show was, ‘Fashion in Films’. The event planning, from concept to finished product took about a year to produce, and boy was it evident. Each piece was purchased from a goodwill store. It was great to see real people walking the runway, having a great time strutting their look-a-like character from a film. The Seattle art Institute was also a contributor to the event, the students had $75 from a goodwill store to create a garment; the winners were show cased at the end of the show. Surrounded by the runway, countless tables were served 5 star dishes.

Great Job Glitter Gala event! Beauty Revolution Magazine will be back next year!

If you are in Seattle area, the Glitter Event still has another event on November 14 & 15. Check it out here

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Again, what a wonderful salon Beauty Revolution was able to meet. If you are in the Seattle area they have an amazing holiday special! The package includes:

v Deep Cleansing Facial

v One Hour Massage

v Classic Pedicure

v Shampoo and Style

VALUED AT: $310.00

NOW: $235.00

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Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa
2033 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

206-441-8526, fax

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