Friday, June 12, 2009

Hi Again,

A week ago, I neglected to introduce myself. My name is Kristina, and I have had the fantastic opportunity of working as an intern. I am moving up the ladder and plan to become a coordinating stylist for Beauty Revolution. I have found myself fortunate enough to be associated with a team that is made up of wonderful, loving, and hard-working, professional people.
My interests are tangled up in many different loves of unique styles. Giving "umph" to every piece of clothing or accesory you own will make you feel special. I focus on wearable items that are comforable for any situation, such as sitting in a coffee shop, slaving away on homework - which I am currently doing, but looking stylish while doing it. :-)
My objective for this post is to reveal light and airy pieces for summer, which hopefully will allow you to take the ideas and make them your own!


(Picture above is taken by a wonderful Seattle street style blogger Kam Martin. Click HERE)


The pieces, the art, the music, and the atmosphere at Barbara Munsel blog makes you feel very inspired. When looking, you

really feel like you want

to get up and make art yourself. I just stum

bled over this site and I am loving everything. If you have fallen in love with thisorganic, earthly, and playful website as well, go vist the rest! HERE

Friday, June 5, 2009

Couture Launch Party

It's Friday!
Welcome to our fresh new blog.
I am excited to say you will enjoy keeping up with this team of wonder-ful people.

About Us:

Magazine founders Susan Alveshere and Janaéa Riddle are on the Fashion Group International Director Board (Regional), a global, not-for-profit industry alliance started by Edna Woolman Chase, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue and founding members Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Arden, and Margaret Case among others.

Alveshere also is an internationally acclaimed artist, designer and writer while Riddle formerly served as associate publisher for Today’s Seattle Woman Newspaper.

A talented group of writers including four time Emmy nominated Lori Ann Robinson from Los Angeles and well known fashion forecaster Sarah Davies (formally Fashion Director of Nordstrom). We also feature internationally acclaimed textile expect Patricia Nugent along with well known stylist and author Barbara Camp who brings in the wonderful culture from her years in Europe and the flavor of New York, where she now resides.

Managing Editor Sharon Altaras formerly covered business at award winning Washington CEO Magazine. We also have an excellent TEAM of individuals which include editor, journalists, business expects, graphic designers, photographers, makeup artists, and stylists that round out the beauty revolution TEAM. 

This Video is from a couple of months ago at the launch Party for the Beauty Revolution Magazine.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New blog... new website... not a new me - though :)

Hey... okay, I admit it. I suck at his blogging thing. But at least I am honest. :)

I am trying to twitter, facebook, link up, and all sorts of things.... so we will see. 

My favorite things:
working on the magazine is so much fun!!! We love our team, we love our readers and hearing from everyone... trying to figure out how to make sure we can all "chat" on this thing. Like I said I suck, but I am willing to try.

I work for Beauty Revolution Magazine as the Editor in Chief... we are building up momentum and loving what we do. (

I work with some top-notch people in the magazine and out side of the magazine. We all network within the fashion industry. 

Another fav is Fashion Group International

I serve on the Board of Directors (Regional) as Treasurer and Regional Director Elect Seattle.
This is a huge honor. (

I will try to update each event, show and fun thing that we are up to.

Today: Fashion Group International and New York City at the Cosmopolitan Club and Conde Nast.

Coming Up: 
1. AllStar Fitness fashion show by Eduardo Khawam 
2. Seattle Pacific University's fashion show: see Greg'ry Doom (BR Stylist) and Kristina Krug's (BR Stylist Intern) blogs as well... I will connect us. 
3. Fall photo shoots featuring some great clothing from Mario's and Lola Pop - some very chic places to purchase clothes.

Make sure to look up our ALL NEW imaging at:

Have a GREAT day!!!

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