Monday, October 26, 2009

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It is officially Halloween week! Have you thought about what the plans are for the weekend? Are you a type that likes to stay in, read a good book by the fire, drink your pumpkin latte, and enjoy getting up every five minutes when the little witches and pirates ring your door? Or are you the type to get decked out because you know it’s the only time when you can pull off the wacky 70’s look and go out on the town? Either way, this holiday seems to paint a coat of burnt orange on everything, hypes the jazz music up, and the layers just kept on adding to the attire.

Go carve that pumpkin!

Photo: Designer, John Galliano

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  1. traditionally, we don't celebrate Halloween, but I like the idea so bought a few mini pumpkins and orange candles to have my own Halloween corner on the table :))
    happy Halloween! :)


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