Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Healthy + YUMMY

Fast, easy, and healthy are these little 'fig-licious' appetizers. You just need a couple ingredients and you are good to go! 
*Zucchini Bread
*Spreadable Goat Cheese
*Sea Salt & Pepper

How to:
*Slice the zucchini Bread into small squares
*Spread the goat cheese on the zucchini Bread
*Then to top it off, slice the figs into small slivers and place on top
*Important: add sea salt and pepper
*Have to enjoy!

Nutritional Facts For Figs:
* Fat free
* Sodium free
* Cholesterol free
* Highest content of minerals
* Calcium content highest only second to oranges
* More fiber than any other fruit
* Each ripened fruit is 50% sugar


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