Friday, September 4, 2009


Credit: Barbie Hull Photography 

What an event! Last week I was invited to model for the CRAVE party (sold out) event.  My friend, and hopefully one day business partner (cross my fingers lol), Carly Holtzinger, who I must say is quite the woman, is an intern for CRAVE and organized the fashion aspect of the show. The night was charming under the stars of the Tetro Zinzanni tent, the food was delicious, and the people; divine. 

Credit: Barbie Hull Photography 

A group of diverse and creative vendors displayed their wonderful creations. The time and energy put into these pieces made by their own hands, has so much more value to me then a prefab item. 

I had the opportunity to wear a “Labor of Love” by Tuzzie Muzzies. What is a Tuzzie Muzzies? Tuzzie Muzzies are beautifully detailed hats and masks. Being at Tetro Zinzanni for the event (cirque du soleil vibe), it was only right to have these little trinkets on our heads. I had a chance to interview the milliners of Tuzzie Muzzie about where and how they are made. What an education—check them out!

Unique Party Hats Handmade
in Seattle

1.)   How long have you been creating these detailed masterpieces?

                 We are both milliners that began tuzzie muzzie in 1999.  That is when we were appro
ached by a local restaurant to create party hats for their New Years Eve celebration.  We got so many calls from the restaurant that night we had to go in business. 

2.)   Who or what was your inspiration?

We are inspired by hats throughout history.  We think of tuzzie muzzie as a dollop of glam for everyone.

3.)   How long does it take to make one hat?

That is a hard question to answer, it all depends on the inspiration.

4.)   Do you do custom hats or masks?

We do make custom hats and masks, all you need to do is ask.

5.)   How can we purchase them?

You can purchase them through our website at or visit one of these 

stores, Crackerjack in Wallingford, WA, Around the Block in Magnolia,WA, Horseshoe in Ballard,WA, or City Flowers in Bellevue,WA

-Kristina Krug

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