Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Difference....

There isn’t so much of a difference between fashion and interior design. I believe they both incorporate a thought process and a way to express oneself. Each piece or item has to fit like a glove.

Not being the only one moving into my own pad, but my friend and co-worker Greg (BR stylist) is also making the move. I have figured out, it is hard to be picky and cheap at the same time. Well, inexpensive- cheap to me sounds like I am not into quality. Quality out weighs quantity for sure.

Shortly I will be showing my own “abode” and what inspires me. But for now, I want to present how fashion and interior design can go hand and hand. There is a blog called  Coco+Kelley and one of the topics is called Rooms from the Runway. Each piece is inspired by one or the other. ENJOY!

Written by: Kristina Krug

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